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Thanks for choosing MechanicIcon. I hope you enjoy our icons. Here are collections of toolbar icons, menu icons and other UI elements, as well as extra-large, printable images sized 256x256 and even 512x512 pixels, to design business and communication applications, all kinds of desktop and mobile apps for Android, Windows Phone and Apple iOS devices, and web.

free icon editor Gratis Metro Icon Editor

free icon editor

Download a free icon editor for Windows 8 here. It's an easy to create and edit icons for Windows with it.

With this free icon editor you can:
  • Create and edit icons in either standard or custom sizes, in color depths up to 16 million colors. Standard icon sizes are 16x16, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64
  • Make icons with transparency
  • Make Metro icons
  • Make icons for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000 in 32-bit color depth with 8-bit alpha channel
  • Make PNG icons for mobile software, including iPhone, Android, iPad, Nokia, Windows Phone
  • Create buttons for websites
  • Paint images with pen, brush, airbrush, ellipse, rectangle, line, curve tools
  • Roll, shift and rotate images
  • Import and export .ico, .png, .xpm, .xbm, and .icpr formats
  • Copy and paste images to other applications
  • Test icons
Download Icon Editor

 Windows 8 Style UI Icons

Windows 8 Style UI Icons

The set of Windows 8 Style UI Icons contains professionally designed application icons meeting all of the requirements of the WP7 and Windows 8 operating systems. The icons have the right size, the right color, their content areas are perfectly centered and they are all 100% ready to be used in your applications.

Download Windows 8 Style UI Icons     Purchase Icons

 Application Design Icons

Perfect Design Icons

 Geolocation Toolbar Icons

geolocation Icons

 Perfect City Icons

Perfect City Icons

 Perfect Doctor Icons

Perfect Doctor Icons

 Professional Icons

Professional Icons

 Glossy Toolbar Icons

Glossy Icons

 Large Weather Icons

Large Weather Icons

 Small Toolbar Icons

Small Toolbar Icons

 Large People Icons

Large 3d People Icons

 Small People Icons

Small People Icons

 People Icons for Windows

People Icons for Vista

 Small PNG Icons

Small PNG Icons


Benefits of stock icons usage

  • Get your icons immediately after placing an order
  • Save on ordering custom images
  • Get graphics on time, guaranteed!
  • Pay once, use anywhere. All stock icons we offer are royalty-free

Icons for Windows 8

Metro-style icons for application developers and web site designers. The icons are 48 x 48 pixels, mostly transparent, with the actual image centered to the square of 26x26 pixels. Technically, developers get 1186 unique application bar icons for Windows Phone 8 drawn in required style, each coming in PNG file format. Colored versions are available in white, silver, gray, black, red, green, blue, navy, orange, pink, light-blue, light-green, light-red and yellow colors.

 Windows 8 Metro UI Icons

Bar Icons for Windows Phone 8
Bar Icons for Windows Phone 8

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Use bundles to save money

Bundles include a lot of icon sets and a huge amount of icons.

Android Icon Pack

Android icons bundle

All Perfect Icons

web 2.0 icons bundle

Icons for Windows 7 and Vista

Icons for Windows 7 and Vista

All Icon Sets from

All Icon Sets

All Toolbar Icons Bundle

toolbar icons bundle

 High Resolution App Tab Bar Icons for iOS

High Resolution App Tab Bar Icons

 Hotel App Tab Bar Icons for iOS

Hotel App Tab Bar Icons for iPhone

 App Tab Bar People Icons

App Tab Bar People Icons

 App Icons for iOS

App Tab Bar Icons for iOS

 App Tab Bar Icons for iPhone

App Tab Bar Icons for iPhone

 Black Menu Icons

Black Icons

 Perfect Black Icons

Perfect Black Icons
Color the Graphical User Interfaces Considering the New MS Windows Symbols

Screens play a notable part in enhancing the simplicity and visual appeal. Proceed a step more deeply by making use of the modern icons out there below and then make your own apps enjoyable to use as well as simple to navigate, by having the assistance of just a few smartly fashioned illustrations or photos for your use by means of this web site.

A particular MR. Fred R Barnard within a journal in 1921 stated a couple of phrases, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, actually he may n't have came to the realization the exact meaning of the key phrases after that, or maybe this individual did, as more than ninety yrs immediately after making this unique proclamation we strive to discover more and more methods to put it to use. Barnard could possibly have stated it when relating the actual opportunity of graphic ads, but a couple of decade’s back the idea located the way into the concept of computer programming while using coming of Graphic interfaces the moment images plus icons exchanged text complicated command-line justifications.

Applying straightforward, straightforward icons could go far straight into making the lifestyle of a individual a lot easier. By simply putting these icons you don't only make this less difficult for you to navigate, it actually helps to make the user interface more pleasing.

You may get your hands on in excess of seven-hundred this kind of designs right here, every one of them at a cost of ninety nine $ $ $ $. The image is available at the dimension corresponding to a sq . of 48 pixels that have a see-thorugh background along with a photo of twenty six by twenty-six pixels in its center. these types of artwork works with your entire Windows 8 and also Microsoft Windows phone software packages also come in the PNG formatting and are available in any of fourteen distinct colorings between the standard blue, red as well as green to the more exceptional navy blue and light-red, and can be used with or without the encircling circles. Customize each web site on your pc by using all of these professionally made icons plus consider the system usage to a completely new levels; you can change symbols for the usual elements like redo, undo, back, refresh etc. together with a majority of these beautifully fascinating visuals. Along with the typical kinds, you choose from tons of off distinctively fashioned shots which you’ll have a great time assigning features to, you have a cardiologist image, a new motor man icon, a investigator icon, an auditor icon and probably the best of them angel symbol.

All these icons, as I have already stated, are available in an entirely deployable kind, you receive their hands on them as early as you complete the deposit and you then have the freedom to utilize them in the many imaginable means. A beautiful user interface can make time at work appear to be way much easier along with helps you save from getting fatigued at your inner levels by probing these extensive number of directions. Quick navigation, appealing interface in addition to good overall performance stay in the centre of each application, by making use of this specific pack you will find the user interface plus the routing part protected, the only matter that is stopping you from building a state of the art app is you. Obtain these types of icons at this moment and then revitalise the whole computer programming experience.

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